Where are we?

the Macphail Centre

Variations takes place at the award-winning Macphail Centre in Mill Street, Ullapool (click here for map & directions). In addition to its numerous classrooms, the Macphail Centre has a purpose built theatre with excellent acoustics and facilities. Refreshments and buffet lunch are provided in an area which provides plenty of opportunity for socialising.

Each day’s programme will end at 5pm to allow you to explore or just relax but the Macphail Centre will stay open until 6pm for participants who wish to continue playing.

More information about the Macphail Centre can be found on their website: www.macphailcentre.com.

Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, Ullapool lies approximately 60 miles (100 kms) west of Inverness and the journey north west (on the A835) will take you through spectacular scenery.

Buses to Ullapool run from Inverness which is well served by rail and by air.  For other transport links, see ‘Useful Links‘ page.